We are your one-stop partner for sustainable online success.

We live for borderless success in the digital world. As a location-independent digital agency, we use our global network of experts to push the boundaries of digital marketing with new approaches, innovation and our unique perspective.

Our core team

Jan Watermann

Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Strategy

Teffany English

Head of Web design

Jan Watermann

Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Strategy

Teffany English

Head of Web design

Our philosophy

We believe in an international and free world where companies can win customers worldwide. As a digital agency, we represent this by rarely visiting our office in beautiful Tallinn. Instead, we serve our clients in a decentralised way with team members all over the world. Whether locally on site or flexibly from afar – we believe that all businesses deserve a professional online presence.

Close to our clients

Regardless of the location – whether directly on site or remotely – as a digital agency we always work highly efficiently for maximum customer success.

Teamwork for success

For all tasks that require further expertise and that are beyond our in-house capabilities, we have a team of reliable partners.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied and have us already on speed dial for your next project. 😉

Who we are

We are a team of digital makers. Together as a digital agency, we have been developing marketing strategies, websites, brand positioning and more for renowned clients and agencies. We offer lean, cost-efficient solutions that achieve measurable results.

Where we are from

Watermann Media is a completely location-independent digital agency based in the heart of Tallinn. We try to be close to our clients, are happy to drop in for strategy meetings on retainer projects and believe in a flexible working environment where the term “regionality” takes on a whole new meaning.

What we stand for

We believe it is time for a change of perspective. Instead of shouting louder, we listen closely to the wishes and needs of our customers. We are convinced that marketing messages are only received when there is a genuine interest. Those who meet their own target group with open ears and find out what they are concerned with have an easy game in the digital age. In the age of information overload, relevance makes the difference – and prospects become customers.

Get it started!

Make digitization a management task before your competitors do.


Four steps towards project success. This is how we work together.

1. Your strategy call

In a non-binding strategy meeting, we’ll determine how we can make your company digitally successful. We’ll define the framework and scope of the project.

2. Onboarding and planning

After you officially hire us, we'll exchange the required data and plan your project together. We'll also define KPIs that help you track the results we achieve for you.

3. Realization

We’ll carry your project out as discussed and remain in constant contact with you. Through Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, or regular video calls we’ll coordinate throughout the project.

4. Results

Depending on your industry, it won't take long until you start seeing first results. Schedule your free strategy meeting now so we can start your project as soon as possible.

Schedule a free strategy call now and get your marketing project started!